ARNOLD  RIKLI (1823-1906)


Rikli spletna stranMore than a hundred years ago a Swiss natural healer Arnold Rikli  started a project to help ill people in a different way. Rikli was among the first who noticed the healing effect of the natural environment in Bled. He created baths, walking paths, hiking paths and housing. In 1895 he built a wooden house, baths in Swiss style and a hospital with his own examination office. Because word spread across Europe about the healing power of Bled a larger swimming place was built in 1899. Beside the people who were looking for healing, Bled started to attract people who wanted to spend their holidays in a healthy and clean environment.

Rikli came to Bled because of his illness. He was one of the three sons of a wealthy Swiss. The father wanted to preserve the family tradition, so he sent all of his three sons to Jezernica, near Klagenfurt, where they established a new leather dye factory. Here Arnold came in contact with chemicals, which made him very sick. His breast membrane kindled and he suffered from dysentery. As a result, he began searching for a place where he could recover. He stumbled upon Bled and in 1852 he went thereHe felt at home because he liked the surroundings, fresh air and water. He started to exercise his own method of healing, which was based on swimming in cold water, bare sunbathing and strolling.

In 1854 he established a European center for disease control and consolidation of health. He believed that water, sun and air are a source of health. His well-known saying is: "Water is, of course, beneficial, but even more air and the most is the light". All his guests lived in a colony; they took baths and walked around nude in the vicinity.

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