Mahatma Gandhi once said: "Fasting will bring spiritual rebirth ... the light of the world will illuminate you when you fast and purify yourself."




Fasting enhances the purification process.

Fasting is the perfect gateway to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

It gives you the motivation and enthusiasm to make a fresh start. 

Fasting restores taste appreciation for wholesome, natural foods. People say that their taste buds come alive after fasting and that food had never tasted so good.

Fasting makes it easy to overcome bad habits and addictions and rapidly dissipates craving. Many people have overcome tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and even drug addictions by fasting.

Fasting promotes the resolution of inflammatory processes, such as in rheumatoid arthritis.

Fasting silences allergic reactions, including asthma and hay fever.

Fasting promotes the drying of abnormal fluid accumulations such as edema in the ankles and legs and swelling in the abdomen.

Fasting clears your skin and whitens your eyes. It is common to see skin eruptions clear while fasting and the whites of the eyes never look so clear and bright as they do after fasting.

Slimming down or losing weight through fasting is a consequence of this process, but it is not our goal.


When you fast for the first time, it is good to know that you may feel worse before you feel better. If the body is addicted to certain substances, such as caffeine, sugar, tobacco or alcohol, it experiences withdrawal from these substances producing unpleasant side effects. These may include headaches, muscle aches, fever, crankiness, insomnia, weakness, anxiety, restlessness, diarrhea, skin rash and nausea. As more toxins are eliminated, fewer side effects will be experienced. Our stomach is a muscle and before shrinks you will feel hunger. All these bad effects are temporary and in a few days, you will start to feel better and better. We can't achieve any goal without effort.

During the cleanse you will rest a lot, have daily meditation and yoga classes, visit the sauna, walk in nature and relax. All these activities will help your body heal and relieve the side effects. You will also drink plenty of water, different cleansing herbal teas and fresh vegetable juices. This will supply the body with fluids to help flush away the toxins, and provide beneficial vitamins and minerals to nourish the body.

Drinking "Liquid food" rich in potassium such as potatoes, apples and carrots is an excellent way to counter the unpleasant side effects. We will juice organic ingredients and drink them all over the ten days, following the daily schedule.

The detox program is not appropriate for individuals suffering from heart conditions, diabetes or heavy eating disorders. Children, teens and pregnant or breastfeeding women should also not participate.

Fasting is not recommended as a diet to lose weight, and we don’t see it as such.


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