Katja Jakopic, 36 (administrative assistant)

Suddenly I have heard talks of detoxing all around me which led me to think that I should detox my body too. I should do fasting. I never before thought of fasting myself, it all came of a sudden. I called my friend who has done many fasting herself and she introduced me to Bilka. We hit immediately. She knows all that is to know about the body, diet, and fasting. I felt total trust in her and decided to start the next day. Why wait, right?:)

And it was great!

For me, the hardest part was the first day of lowering food input into my body. I had a headache and I was very hungry. Strange, as I haven’t started fasting yet. All the following days were ok and I waited for the start with anticipation. I was really looking forward to the first day without eating. Bilka prepared everything, instructed me on important matters and answered all my questions. She was the support I needed, as I knew nothing about fasting.

With Bilka next to me all went nicely, I was happy, I wasn’t hungry and I had plenty to do all days-prepare myself different teas and vegetable juices. I didn’t have time to think of not eating, also smells when preparing meals for my children were no trouble. All 5 days without food I had the total support of Bilka, I was able to call her anytime night or day and she would explain the process I was in and calm me down. Mainly it was dizziness and slow starts in the morning. After 5 days I was really happy to have succeeded and I remember thinking “that was easy”.

Bilka also prepared my diet for days after fasting, before coming to ‘normal’ food again, with suggestions what my body (following Ayurveda) needs and also which food it doesn’t handle so well.

My first fasting experience was perfect and I was happy to have done it with Bilka.




Andro Fini Skaleras, 62 (writer)

I am a retired person, in the years when many of my peers are increasingly thinking about the judge's whistle, which will determine the end of the game in the last, let say, a quarter of life. And what we live is, last but not least, a crazy race in which nobody wins.

Fasting is one of the ways that helps a person not only to overcome the whistle but to send the judge even before the end of the match. Fasting, as a body purification, also means a powerful spiritual cleansing. Food is, in fact, the tiniest representative of the material world, which prevents a man from interfering with the higher worlds, that is, with his metaphysics, which no one doubts.

Therefore, we do not decide on it as a weight loss diet, because this is simply not the case. Serious preparation requires a kind of mental reset, a spiritual adjustment, which prevents the fading mind from living through the blindness of the senses.

Interestingly, in the daily rhythm of the night, sleeping a kind of spiritual approximation is prepared for fasting, so it is not surprising that the true meaning of the English word breakfast - break / fast, break the fast.

Many years ago I made quite a few cleansing, from weekly to monthly, just by the water. Of course today I would not repeat this, but I often tried to repeat the fast, but I failed in any way. I had all the necessary skills, I wrote about the post, as a publicist and the director for TV A channel filmed even a documentary film, but I did not and did not succeed again.

Until I met Bilka, an excellent nutrition expert and at the same time an expert for such "non-eating". With the original approach to a healthy and therapeutic fasting, unyielding, resolute in contact with my fatigue, she seduced me and accompanied me with such lightness, that I did not feel the slightest crisis for seventeen days, even in the first three days, which are usually the most difficult one.

I'm grateful to her.




 Staša Elina Verbič, 48 (administrative assistant)

I know Bilka already for a long time, but our friendship even deepened when I asked her if she would be my mentor for fastening. It was in the year 2000. I knew that Bilka has a huge knowledge from the field of fastening, so it was natural to ask her for assistance.

From the first moment I felt safe in her hands since she knows exactly what she is doing and teaching. It’s not that she is teaching some theories that she read, but this is her – she is living this kind of life with all her body and soul, so it feels really natural to listen to her advice and knowledge.

She was there for me from the first until the last step. From buying right teas on the marketplace till supporting me through my first and only crisis (3rd day in my case). Multiple fasting with Bilka from the past has turned into a new, much higher dimension.

My whole first fastening experience was so great, that I repeated it several times in following years (usually one fastening per year). Before I start each fastening, I always call and told her that I will start and she is there for me every single time! She calls me and asks how I feel, if I have any doubts, worries, questions etc.

Bilka and her ICJ team are definitely experts who know what are they doing and are fully trustworthy. I am already looking forward to receiving new knowledge. I feel really blessed to know her.

Highly recommended! 

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