Bilka, Ayurvedic Therapist

Bilka pomanjšana za splatno stran


Hi, I’m Bilka. My name was kind of pre-destined. It means “herb or plant” in Slovene. My whole life I've been dealing with nature, self-improvement and living the natural lifestyle. Sport, mainly trail running, biking, and hiking, is an integral part of my life.

I find complete satisfaction in interacting with people and sharing my experience, to see them transform and discover a deeper connection to themselves. Preparing vegan and raw healthy food is my professional activity. Medicinal plants, as well as Mediterranean and macrobiotic diets, are among my specialties. I also lecture on the dangers of daily unhealthy food, of the chemicals that unremarkably poison our being and alter our body. Yoga, Meditation and the Reiki techniques allow me to improve myself and share with others. Massage and Lymphatic drainage techniques help me in detoxing and healing people.

For the last twenty-five years, I have been fasting for ten days at least two times a year. The benefits are incredible, both physical and emotional. As a mentor, I also share my experience with my family and friends, who ask me to lead them through this amazing adventure. Now I would like to share it with you.

Overall, detoxing is much more than a physical experience. It is an opportunity to rediscover yourself, to be empowered and nurtured, so you can transform your life. In the ICJ I would like to share my life experience with you.


VISION Consciously to Infinity                           

CORE VALUE I walk My Talk                  

MISSION Make the World a Better Place


Dušan, Counseling & Meditation & Sound Therapist

DUŠAN predstavitev1


Hi, Dušan is my name, Dooshan pronounced in English. Doosha is a Slavic word for Soul. For my whole life, I’ve been working with people, doing different jobs. One of them was working as an educator for the so-called young delinquents in an institution, based on the principles of permissive approach. For more than a decade I was also working with adult delinquents.

Since I was 10 years old, I've been consciously questioning myself about the meaning of life and death, and who or what I am. As a teenager I was looking for answers in reading school books about old Greek culture, its philosophy and philosophers. In the late teen years, I was blessed with the chance to meet, and for a couple of years also learn from, a real Christian Saint, an old monk in a very ascetic Catholic Carthusian order.

This quest led me to India, where I lived for almost one year, learning Yoga and Meditation, but most of all seeking a genuine spiritual teacher. In the late 80’s I started to give public lectures on Hatha Yoga and Meditation. In the early 90’s my Zen practice began. Following the spirit and practice of Zen gave me the answers to many questions that had been bothering me since I was ten.

For the last 15 years I’ve been leading a small zen center, teaching zen meditation, offering private counseling sessions and sound therapy. I’m trying to help people find their own way towards inner peace and tranquility, by learning from - but not being dependent on any person, philosophy, religion or belief system.


VISION To realize what is True and what is False 

CORE VALUE Nothing is what it Looks like                      

MISSION Help others to Realize themselves in their own Way


Margareta, Bachelor degree in Fine arts & Color Therapist

Margareta 11


Hi, my name is Margareta Selena. From the beginning, I have been attracted to beauty and harmony and have actively redesigned the world around me to suit my tendency to it. During my study of fine arts, I got the insight of how different artworks affect the observer with its contained informations, intended and even more the unintended, which is captured "between the lines", hidden in the visual elements. This became my specialty and since then I create exclusively high vibrational paintings with healing and supportive intentions. The Mandala is the crown of such creation. I also love to share this knowledge and make people aware of how the surroundings can affect us – suck our energy or supply us with it. I expose the possibility of inner rebalancing through the manipulation of the outside world (creating harmonious objects and compositions) or getting in tune with pre-made harmonious objects (perceiving the artwork or any kind of composition). 

Beside painting and creating in general (clothes, jewelry, pottery, wood pyrography, computer graphic design, writing, etc), I also immerse myself in different energy-channeling techniques: reiki, bioenergy, Pranic healing, biorgonomy, as well as numerology, color and crystal supportive healing. I've always been interested in the unseen dimensions, the "dream world", which is the foundation of our condensed reality that we perceive as the physical world. I'm in search of the paths to join these realms for the sake of bliss and evolution of the soul. The act of creation, of materialization of an idea, definitely connects these levels.

I see the world as a field of information, of potential which our unconscious part chooses from according to our beliefs and expectations and makes our life either a misery or a fairytale. We can learn to choose the qualities that enter our lives wisely by getting in touch with our superconsciousness and start hearing its whisper, its optimal suggestions. Mandala and high-vibrational painting are one of the approaches to receive the guidance from our superconsciousness.


VISION Evolution of the Soul                           

CORE VALUE Unconditional Love                  

MISSION Turning Darkness into Light


Mateja, Bachelor of science & Workshop on Juicing



Mateja Reš lives with her husband and three teenagers in a sunny village in the hills a few kilometers above Lake Bled. She cultivates a large organic garden featuring more than 40 fruit trees, 100+ berry bushes, vegetables, herbs and a few chickens (there are no bugs in HER garden!) Needless to say, Mateja more than satisfies her family's fresh produce needs, with lots left over for lucky neighbors!

In fact, her area of expertise and her passion is growing wholesome foods for home consumption and passing on her knowledge of incorporating them into delicious, everyday meals.

To this end, Mateja writes extensively about healthy, seasonal cooking in a modern, uncomplicated way. Several magazines have carried her stories - with mouth-watering pictures - and she is frequently a guest on TV and radio shows. In addition, she runs workshops on juicing, and fruit, vegetable and herb dehydration as a way to preserve the produce and she also demonstrates fermentation and maceration. She is a bloger and very active on social media.

VISION Live a life in Harmony with Nature                          

CORE VALUE Acceptance, Forgiveness, Lifelong learning, Awareness                  

MISSION Spreading knowledge, Organic gardening, Preparing food in the healthiest way to all generations

 Darja, Health & Natural Cosmetic Therapist

Darja pomanjšana obrezana za spletno stran


Hi, I’m Darja. I teach, guide, empower and support people on their healing journeys. I started ICJ because I want to create a unique healing space for people to come, relax, unwind, cleanse and realize the potential they truly possess by getting rid of all the baggage and toxicity they carry in their mind, body and spirit.

I love meeting our retreat guests from all over the world, who have a desire to dive deep into their individual healing potential. Seeing  people take risks, be brave, release what no longer serves and realize how extraordinary they are, motivates me like nothing else.

For the last 34 years I have been fighting with breast cancer and the difficult therapies. I'm participating in the Europa Donna Association against Breast Cancer, which has helped me overcome difficult periods of treatment.

Later on, I began to help women who are faced with the sickness. I organize excursions for the cancer patients, as it is easier to talk to someone who already has this disease. I got sick again and from that moment I decided to live life one day at a time. I wrote four books to help those who face illness and those who want the benefit of plants and their extracts.

All through this time, I professionally trained in and ran workshops about preparing organic cosmetics in simple and inexpensive ways. On the ICJ you will find me leading the organic cosmetics workshop.


VISION Connecting with Nature 

CORE VALUE Health, Honesty, Joy                       

MISSION Helping the Helpless        


Nives, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

Nives obrezana za spletno stran


Hi, my name is Nives. Half of my life I had been asking myself questions like why do I live on this Earth in this incarnation with these talents and flaws, with all the bad things that I have to go through and with the rewards that come after all these trials.

What is the purpose of my life? Why do I have to struggle? I was lost for so long due to my health issues (herniated disc, scoliosis, depression, hormonal imbalance).

I went deep and struggled to find ways to help myself and I did it. I found and healed myself. My intuition has always been very strong and it led me to Jyotish, vedic astrology, that helped me find answers to most of my questions. I am blessed that I can be someone who lights a light in a dark room and shows the right way through the natal chart.

Yoga taught me how to relax and breathe. Yoga also chose me to pass it on to others. Using massage therapy goes hand in hand with yoga, as sometimes people need touch, need to let go old of patterns, habits, fears and all the other negative thoughts through manipulation of hardened muscles and tissues. With a massage, I can create a special bond with anyone that trusts me and lets me help. Joining the ICJ Team is very special to me as I am the happiest person if I can be a piece of a mosaic that helps someone on their journey.

 VISION See the Light in Everything and Everyone                            

CORE VALUE True to myself, Honesty, Compassion                           

MISSION Encourage others to Step out of their Comfort zone


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