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Why Fasting?


Fasting is an old technique for healing the body and soul and it is the top priority at this retreat. It's a special fasting retreat for the people who want to be treated as an individual or in a small group of four people. It is individually oriented and offers much more than a basic body and mind purification.

You will not only clean the body out of the additives and other hormonal disturbers, but we will help you to eliminate also the parasites. Parasites are the ones that cause the most degenerative diseases.

Spring water

We brought together the eastern knowledge of Ayurveda and the doctrine of the West, discovered out by Dr. Hulda Clark, Rudolf Breuss and Norman Walker. We know this could be the first time for you, so we want you to feel safe. In addition, we want to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to be able to understand and comprehend the procedures.

Juicing carrots

For five days you'll fast by drinking fresh organic juices, made from four types of vegetables; beetroot, carrot, parsley and cucumber. All our local organic vegetable juices are cold pressed and retain 95% of their natural nutrients and enzymes. Vegetables can help eliminate yeast and fight off foreign entities. They also contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which protect healthy cells and eliminate unbalanced or infected cells.

Juicing Bizeljsko 1

Once a day we will drink a juice made from lemons, oranges, ginger and grapefruit. We will never mix fruit and vegetable juices! Tea herbs and spring water are also very important. Senna, nettle, sage, mint and chamomile kill yeast and help purify the body. Each client will get their own backpack with full fasting equipment: enema, toothbrush, a scraper for the tongue, skin brush, energetic glass and a big towel for the sauna.

We will teach you how to juice in a correct way. You will be drinking mono vegetable juices and crystal water from the local spring source. We will tell the secrets of fasting that no one will tell you!

Kristalna voda 22

Our the Team will assist the participants at any time through the specific ICJ experience. Constant support will start early in the morning with Meditation and Hatha yoga. During the day we will do everything together in the spirit of teamwork in the community. You will have the option to participate in plenty of activities or simply rest in peace and read a book.

Breuss soup

In the surrounding natural environment, nothing will disturb your tranquility. Being in contact with nature, breathing techniques, meditation, and Sun gazing will help you create a friendly place where you will connect with the essence and take a rest for a few days from the hustle and bustle we are so accustomed to. 

Alternativna Breussova juhica 22 Ten days is the minimum time frame needed to prepare your body and mind for detox and go through the fasting procedure. Daily activities, yoga, discussions and workshops will help you to bring yourself beyond body and mind limitations.

Helathy Breakfast

The last three days we will teach you how to start eating hard food not to harm the stomach and digestive system. For some people is coming back on hard food more difficult than five days fasting. It is all about discipline, hard will, quantity and quality of the food.  In the end, you will get 3-month diet following Ayurveda principles. Each diet is made up specifically for you, for your genetic code, for your personal constitution.


We will teach you how to prepare healthy breakfasts with oats, spelt, whole grain cereals, barley, and other different grains, raisins, chia seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, figs, fresh organic and sesonal fruits from the local farm, cream soup, cooked vegetable which suits your dosha principle, and basmati rice. We will arm you with all the info how and what to eat to get used on hard food again and to get a strong body and immune system.

Healthy Breakfast 1

At the workshop, you will learn how to sprout seeds, how to make plant milk, different spreads, healthy breakfast for your dosha and how to prepare raw lunch. Bring your camera with if you do not have it on the phone!


Our advantage is that we have adapted the millennial knowledge of the east, to today's westerner and his nutritional habits and daily routines. This retreat is perfect for someone who needs a detox from work, unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, and who wants to offer themselves a strong immune system and a treat of goodness. Our experts will help you to transform your body and the way of thinking from negative to positive.



The Purpose of Fasting

To Dissolve toxins and congestions that have formed inside your body,
To Eliminate the parasites,
To Cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system,
To Purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body,
To Eliminate all Unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles,
To Relieve pressure and Irritation in the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels,
To Build a healthy blood stream,
To Retain Youth and Skin Elasticity regardless of our age.

10 Days Fasting Retreat; 21st June - 30th June 2019

10 days fasting experience with Ayurveda aproach.
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