10 Days Fasting Retreat; 21st June - 30th June 2019

10 days fasting experience with Ayurveda aproach.
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This retreat is perfect for someone who needs a detox from work, unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle and who wants to offer themselves a treat of goodness. We know this could be the first time for you, so we want you to feel safe. In addition, we want to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to be able to understand and comprehend the procedures. In addition to encountering highly stressful lives, our bodies are continually bombarded with over-processed foods and unhealthy fats that many of us eat, sugary and caffeinated liquids we drink and polluted air that we breathe.

The 10-day metabolic detoxification retreat can help remove the toxins from your body. We are continually bombarded with over-processed foods, unhealthy fats, sugary, caffeinated liquids we drink and polluted air that we breathe.

Ten days is the minimum time frame needed to prepare your body and mind for detox and go through the fasting procedure. Daily meditations, yoga, talks, workshops, will help you mingle with your "new fasting friends" and exchange thoughts and experiences, to bring yourself beyond body and mind limitations.

We'll fast by drinking fresh organic juices, made from four types of vegetables; beetroot, carrot, parsley, and celery. All our local organic vegetable juices are cold pressed and retain 95% of their natural nutrients and enzymes.

Our Team will assist the participants at any time through the specific ICJ experience. Constant support will start early in the morning with meditation and Hatha yoga. During the day we will juice local & organic beetroot and carrots, make cleansing teas and prepare other accessories for fasting (enema). All the fasting equipment you receive for free in a handy backpack.

You will have the option to participate in plenty of activities or simply rest in peace and read a book. In the surrounding natural environment, nothing will disturb your tranquility.

Everything, from the hotel, food, trips, workshops, therapies and individual consultations, is included in the price. We will also provide you with a free shuttle from the nearest airport - Jože Pučnik.

10 - day Fasting Retreat Includes

  • Welcome drink
  • Accommodation
  • Pressed fresh & raw organic juices, made from vegetables supplied by a local farmer
  • All cleansing teas
  • Bio Breuss soup 
  • All equipment for fasting - enema, toothbrush, scraper for tongue, skin brush, energetic glass, big towel for sauna and backpack for walking in the forest
  • Workshops - Mandala drawing, Preparing homemade organic cosmetics, Preparing raw food lunch
  • Therapies -  Sound healing therapy with large Gong, Massage
  • Individual Consultations -  Jyotish Vedic AstrologyWholefood coaching consultation
  • Special Excursion - Visiting the Vršič Pass and Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps
  • Sauna
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Sun Gazing
  • Walking the Rikli path
  • Complimentary WIFI at the hotel
  • Shuttle from Bled to Pokljuka
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